Bent Pickle Skis

About Us

     I started skiing over 26 years ago on a hill that was just over 700 vertical feet.  Most of the time it was covered in ice and...more ice.  I learned quickly how important it is to have sharp edges, My "life" depended on it.  After graduating college I moved out to Colorado for a job, but mostly to enhance my vertical days. I skied so many huge dumper days and blue bird days, my skiing really advanced to another level.  While out there it became even more apparent how a good quality ski can turn a good day into a epic day on the slopes.  The more I looked at skis, the more I realized how poor mass produced skis were made. There are very few skis on the shelf at at the local shop that were satisfactory to what I was looking for.  It seemed to me that every ski had a  manufacturing defect and were almost always stamped - "Made in China" right under where you put your boot so it's covered up. I am just a normal, hard working guy that has a love for the snow and powder days.  It was disheartening to me to drop hard earned money on something someone didn't put the same amount of effort into...and I could not quite find my edge.

      I started building skis because I wanted a quality ski that was made in America, and I was tired of seeing poorly manufactured skis coming out of foreign countries and supporting their economy.  I feel it is time for Americans to come back home and start making, selling, and buying American products.  So as much as I was able, I sought out materials to build Bent Pickle Skis from American companies.  My CNC machine was made in America.  The steel for my ski press was made in America.  In fact, I built the ski press in my basement.  Starting to get my point?   I am also trying to make skis as "green" as possible.  Cores are bamboo, no UHMW sidewalls, and the resin is a LEED certified resin.  Overall, I'm trying to produce a quality, hand built ski that is made in America that I love to ski. Hopefully you will too.
Check out my Facebook page. It will have projects that I am currently working on.